ASPE Training Allscripts Dental Case Study

Allscripts BA Academy: Executive Summary

A brief overview of the Allscripts Business Analysis Training Program and its goals

ASPE provided a full program of enterprise skills development services to Allscripts, including:

  • Organizational process assessment
  • Team and individual skills assessment
  • Curriculum design
  • Enterprise team training
  • Certification training and coaching

The original Allscripts situation confronted two key strategic problems most enterprises face: First, software development challenges, which come in many forms. Allscripts had very smart project teams, but much of their methodology wasn't consistent. They had numerous process and model challenges. There were communication inefficiencies, both with offshore departments and internally. There were time lags that resulted from these issues and a number of others.

Second, Allscripts faced job role challenges. Again, despite having the human capability and a wealth of project assets available across the enterprise, the processes were not always in alignment. The many departments and roles weren't always speaking the same language, or using the same methods.

Allscripts knew they needed to improve their business analysis practice, but even pinpointing the specific needs proved challenging. ASPE provided experienced experts who could walk through an organizational analysis, and help determine how to most efficiently deliver the skills and process improvement that were necessary to for their BA teams to begin operating as a world-class software product development operation.

They are a wonderful example of how the internal workings of an enterprise can be oiled and improved by SDLC training. The real beauty of enterprise training is the overall competitive advantage that opens up when you solve SDLC challenges. When projects get done faster, with fewer errors and more usability, it does more than just move the needle. The real win comes from the possibilities. Sure, you're paying to solve an immediate need - skills gaps. But, as Allscripts demonstrates, the true business value of trained project teams is human capital that is more engaged, more successful, more creative, and more motivated. They can succeed at their jobs: not only the key to the enterprise's success, but also the most important factor in their job satisfaction and career path. Along the way, the business will discover new product possibilities, new operational efficiencies, and tap into new deposits of enterprise value.

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