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Agile Project Management

In this Agile project management training course, learn to lead Agile projects and deliver what your customers want faster and better than ever before!

ASPE also offers an updated 3-day version of this Agile Project Management training course. Agile Project Management Certification Workshop (PMI-ACP) is designed to help you pass the PMI-ACP℠ Certification Exam.

Improve Your Professional Skills — A Key Ingredient to Agile project management Success

Today's teams require vastly different leadership and management skills for Project Managers to truly achieve success. You can't simply tell everyone what to do. Instead, you need to be a strong coach, a change agent, and a very effective communicator.

Agile Project Management and PMI

Agile is no longer a grassroots movement to change software development. PMI is embracing Agile project management, recognizing the significant positive impact it has had on delivering better results for customers.

In this Agile Project Management training course, you will learn how to:

  • Embrace a model of continuous planning over simply following a plan
  • Transform your Agile project management style from "command and control" to "empower and inspire" with your team
  • Create a cadence for the team and eliminate process distractions for a dramatic boost in efficiency
  • Establish credible and achievable estimates using Agile project management estimating techniques
  • Communicate more transparently and reduce interruptions to your team
  • Rapidly build trust with your customers through frequent and effective collaboration

Immediate Benefits of Participating in this Agile Project Management Training Course:

  1. Understand Agile project management principles and practices that will transform team performance and improve customer satisfaction
  2. Acquire valuable insights into how you can "empower and inspire" your Agile team
  3. Gain insight on how to establish transparency in communication inside the team as well as with customers
  4. Learn how to develop teams into high-performance, Agile teams; they will deliver amazing results for customers!
  5. Through hands-on practice, gain powerful Agile project management skills using Agile estimating techniques that will allow you to derive estimates quickly and more accurately
  6. Uncover the mystery of how the Agile team can be more accurate by being less precise
  7. Combine best methods from multiple Agile project management methods to apply to your Agile team
  8. Appreciate why knowing and collaborating with your customer will ALWAYS produce better results
  9. Build trust with your Agile team and your customer through consistent cadence of "common sense" best practices
  10. Establish a plan for incorporating Agile project management practices into your specific work area
  11. Recognize and avoid the pitfalls teams fall into when adopting Agile project management practices
  12. Gain powerful insights, techniques and skills to successfully coach a new or existing Agile team
  13. Learn how to establish and communicate appropriate expectations for your Agile team, including roles, responsibilities and accountability
  14. React to and respond to change quickly and effectively in order to seize competitive advantage for your customer
  15. Understand and practice a model of continuous planning
  16. Gain and maintain trust between your Agile development team and your customer through a highly transparent prioritization practice
  17. Convert prioritization of requirements from a point solution to a continuously evolving part of the Agile development process
  18. Learn why studies have shown Agile teams are significantly happier with their work – make this a reality for YOUR team

Why Agile?

The top four reasons teams are moving toward Agile project management:

  • The ability to manage rapidly changing priorities
  • Increased productivity of the team
  • Enhanced quality of the product
  • Accelerated time-to-market

Join the many teams that have realized these and many other benefits through adopting Agile project management methods.

Active Learning

This Agile Project Management Training course is a stimulating combination of class interaction, active learning exercises, and group collaboration. Each is designed to allow you to learn through practice so you can readily apply what you have learned in your own workplace right away.

Cutting Edge Ideas:

This Agile project management workshop is based on leading edge tools and techniques from some of the principles of the Agile revolution. We'll explore concepts from:

  • Agile Estimation & Planning - Cohn
  • Agile Project Management - Highsmith
  • Extreme Programming - Beck
  • Lean Software Development - Poppendieck
  • Agile Retrospectives - Derby & Larsen
  • The Software Project Manager's Bridge to Agility - Sliger & Broderick

Every instructor has been "in the trenches" as an Agile Project Manager with Agile teams and will bring their experience to bear in delivering the class.

Specifically, you will cover:

  • Understanding the enormous gains available by empowering Agile teams
  • Reaching a common understanding of your customer and their needs
  • Utilizing Planning Poker with Story Points to become a more accurate estimator
  • Tangible effective methods of team based planning
  • Creating transparent communication among and with customers
  • Tips and techniques for Agile Project Managers to inspire the team to better performance
  • Prioritizing methods that will help the team build trust with customers
  • Connecting all five levels of planning to create cadence for the team
  • Establishing a roadmap for what you would like to apply to your Agile team and how success with Agile project management can be achieved

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