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With ASPE's Data Analysis training courses you will learn to leverage cutting–edge tools and techniques that maximize the value of your organization's data.

Knowledge is power. But finding and using the vital information contained within data is one of the most extreme challenges for today's analysts and business practitioners. Business operations generate mounds and mounds of data, and most organizations find it daunting just to get started harvesting useful knowledge from seemingly endless files, logs, reports, etc. For those who do have a strategy in place, intricacies and inefficiencies often prevent any sort of concrete corporate intelligence from emerging. ASPE's Data Analysis training courses allow you to effectively manage your data and ultimately translate the information you have available into practical, real–world lessons and strategies that give you a concrete competitive edge.

Choose the data analysis training course most appropriate for your needs. You may also view courses as a list.

Predictive Analytics & Data Mining – Model Development

The Modeling Agency's "Model Development" course presents a deep dive into the data mining process at a tactical level. Attendees of this data analysis training course will observe demonstrations of machine learning methods and computer–guided analytical techniques for extracting and interpreting complex patterns and relationships from large volumes of data. If you desire an intensive tactical orientation to data mining concepts, tools, techniques and supporting methods, then this event is designed for you.

This vendor–neutral data analysis training course broadly covers data–driven information, discovery techniques and model–building tactics without restriction to any particular modeling tool. Popular open–source and commercial packages are leveraged to illustrate methods, but not to showcase the tools.

Predictive Analytics & Data Mining – Strategic Implementation

"Predictive Analytics & Data Mining: Strategic Implementation" offers a concentrated presentation of capabilities, limitations, risks, rewards, use cases, best practices, strategy and lifecycle management. Those in attendance will actively step through the industry standard process for data mining and realize why an advanced degree in statistics, mathematics or computer science is no longer needed to succeed in predictive analytics. Live working sessions reveal real–world obstacles and breakthroughs from which to interpret, learn and apply. If you are looking for an intensive vendor–neutral and non–promotional introduction to data mining best practices and an approach to predictive analytics which is critical to modeling success, then this data analysis training course is designed for you.

Data Analysis Boot Camp

This course addresses the competencies and skills essential to successfully analyze the data. The learning objectives are met by addressing the need for the participants to acquire the essential knowledge of probability theory and the skills necessary to apply the techniques and formulas employed in statistical analysis of the data. The lecture will be complimented by a series of individual and group exercises in which the participants will gain insight into the practical application of the material in the analysis of business problems and in identifying and quantifying the risks associated with decision making and forecasting future results. This data analysis training course is highly effective at providing insight into the future of analytics and the changing roles of those involved in the role of "business analysts", and the role of the IT function. The overall goal of this program is for the participants to acquire the required knowledge of probability theory and gain skills in the basic statistical analysis techniques to analyze operational data to support the information needs of the business.

Excel Power Skills

The Excel Power Skills class was designed with your real-world problem solving needs in mind. In each of its subject modules it first provides you with a quick overview of the concept followed by a step-by-step introduction as to how Excel implements the concept. Once these essentials have been mastered, you will move on to more sophisticated models that provide real-value to solving real-world situations. You will leave the course proficient in power functions and techniques that others do not even know exist. You will be set to immediately begin implementing what you have learned to the benefit of your job and your career.

Big Data Boot Camp

This course will provide a technical overview of Apache Hadoop for project managers, business managers and data analysts. Students will understand the overall big data space, technologies involved and will get a detailed overview of Apache Hadoop. The course will expose students to real world use cases to comprehend the capabilities of Apache Hadoop. Students will also learn about YARN and HDFS and how to develop applications and analyze Big Data stored in Apache Hadoop using Apache Pig and Apache Hive. Each topic will provide hands on experience to the students.

If you wish to take a Data Analysis training course not scheduled near you, you may request that we bring Business Analysis training to your city.

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